Jerry Sorbara, The Furrier


Girolamo “Jerry” Sorbara, is a craftsman anchored in the tradition of  fine italian tailoring  with a career spanning more than 50 years.  Once he touched fur the magic began as he produced designs of exact tailoring, of leather and sculpted pelts.

During the vibrant and experimental 60’s, a young Jerry followed suit and pioneered luscious color treatments that pushed the limits  of fur appeal. Hmmmmmm. How Groovy!


How amazing to watch the master sitting at an ancient, well used, fur sewing machine that responds to his skillful touch and imagination.  Jerry interprets designs, some from a sketchbook, producing coats of varying lengths; some even reversible, bustiers, jackets, bags and even yes, a fur bikini for a customer from the balmy shores of Brasil.

Image 4

The brand name  “Jerry Sorbara” has been sold in Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales. The 60’s into the mid 70s found Jerry designing for clients the likes of, Jackie Onassis, Walt Frazier, Elizabeth Taylor and Muhammad Ali. “Sorbara Furs” was established in 1975, over the years. his popularity continued draw customers from texas oil barons, the diplomatic circle, international jet-set and his current celebrities include Steve Harvey.

Image 6

Jerry aided by his son, Sal participated in designing and fabricating a “funky” full length vest hung with tails for  Janet Jackson, who was one of the selected celebrities for the “Blackglama” promotion, for American and Canadian mink farmers between 2010-2011.  Do you remember the adds “What becomes a legend”?



Currently, Sorbara Furs is run by an efficient staff, his son Sal who handles the business side including sales, customer relations and promotion, his daughter Cathy takes care of the books and Greg works with sales and duties which make him an invaluable resource for the company.

“Sorbara’s complies with the fur industry’s “Origin Assured” program which lists fur purveyors who sell only fur that “have come from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.”

Image 3

So, who would Jerry Sorbara care to have fitted with one of his creations? He looks up from arranging a fur jacket on a mannequin and with a broad flirtatous smile says, “Cookie” from the show “Empire”, in a thick italian accent that lingers in his speech. “Oh man! That Cookie, she really wears fur.”





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