“Online Abduction”

“A widowed police officer leaves his 13-year-old daughter home alone one night.  She’s a good girl who always follows the rules.  She always calls to tell him if she’s leaving the house.  But one night, she doesn’t. His daughter is missing, gone without a trace. Paul discusses the importance of staying safe online. Also, we’ll hear the story of a man who intervened in a robbery without any concern for his own safety, and an expert who says fostering constructive independence will ultimately make children safer.”

Paul Viollis’s show “The Security Brief” provides an enlightened and informed television, radio and live show platform, that allows individuals to share their life experiences. These stories are drawn from all walks of life; balancing upon the theme of security, ranging from high corporate privacy, home invasion, school/workplace violence to cyber Bullying centered on the need for heightened awareness of parents,teachers and the community to protect our youth.

Paul’s background as a behavioral analyst combined with his impassioned and confident nature, empowers his guests, to have the confidence to speak up and share their story. These shared experiences help others to be informed and to understand the parameters of security within a cyber environment.

His trusting nature and delicate handling of these topics not only allows his guests, to find the courage to share their deeply personal experiences, of abuse and exploitation, but also allows the “public” a chance to connect and identify with their own struggles, to which they may be desperately seeking answers. Many of whom are searching for solutions and not knowing nor understanding how to go about negotiating what may appear to be complicated solution. The following story opens a window into a timely issue that many parents and communities still struggle to understand; “safety on the internet.”




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